About us

High technology applied to metal

State-of-the-art technology together with a highly qualified team is a guarantee of quality.

In 1991, Cofinox S.L. was established as a subcontracting company specializing in the transformation of stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, and aluminum.

To meet new market demands, Cofinox S.L. invested in advanced technology adapted to multi-product and flexible production. Our quality is certified by TÜV in the production process and OCA in welding processes. Our quality is guaranteed by TÜV certificates in the production process and OCA in welding processes.

Foundation, principles and evolution

Cofinox was founded in 1991 as a specialist in welding and repulping processes.
At the beginning the company had a surface of 200m2 and a human team of 4 people.
To meet market demands, the company has prioritised the entire process of handling sheet metal. This required investment in machinery designed for both cutting and bending.

Cofinox today

33 years later, not only is the company still active but it is also a reference in its sector, with more than 4000m2 with a stable team of more than 60 people and the highest technology to meet the needs of the sector.
We continuously strive for excellence through strategic, key and support processes.
Our values of quality, employee care and environmental responsibility are at the core of everything we do, making Cofinox a company with unwavering principles.

Some interesting facts

The numbers speak
by themselves


Parts produced


Years of experience

1,200 Tn

Processed material

Water consumption per person

is only 10l per day

95% of the waste

of Cofinox is recyclable

Cofinox staff

no serious accidents


our industry does not release C02 abroad

80% of the workforce

is more than 2 years old

425000 units built

in the year 2023, consuming a total of 400Tn

We manage all upstream and downstream processes required by the products if this is necessary, in order to offer a comprehensive product system.

Cofinox S.L. is divided into the following key departments:

– Quality
– D+D
– Cutting
– Folding
– Machining
– Welding
– Finishes
– Logistics
– HR

Cofinox HR and Technology

The human and technological team of Cofinox consists of:
– More than 60 employees
– 2 Laser cutting
– 2 CNC punching machines
– 8 Folding machines
– 3 Robots with 6 axes for TIG, MIG and Folding Welding
– 20 TIG and MIG welding stations
– 4 Resistance welding stations

Cofinox currently holds the following certifications

– ISO 9001
– ISO 15085
– Approval of welding processes according to Merkblatter, ISO 15609 and ISO 15614 standards.
– Tailor-made ERP for traceability throughout your production process and item life cycle.

We are present in all industrial sectors

Multiple products developed and manufactured by Cofinox are present in most of the international industrial sectors. Automotive, bathroom, hospitality, medical and pharmaceutical laboratories, electrical cabinets, meat industry, electronics, industrial passage, beauty and cosmetics.

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