High-tech software tools

Design + Development (D+D)

With our powerful software and highly experienced team, we offer our expertise to bring your designs to life. Through the use of concurrent engineering, we improve processes and products, resulting in productivity gains and economic benefits for our customers. In the same way, we use concurrent engineering to improve processes and products already designed, which translates into increased productivity and economic advantage for our customers.

Fiber (laser) and Co2 technologies

Cutting section

2 Laser fibre technology with a working range of 3000×1500, featuring automatic loading and unloading, capable of cutting up to 20mm thickness at a speed of 45m per minute.
2 CNC punching machines with 52 stations are also available, used for parts requiring thread rolling and small bends.
Seventh axis or the quality axis

Folding section

We have eight folder machines with a capacity of up to 15,000 folds per day.
3 meters in length
7 axes to guarantee bending quality
Robotic folding machine
Compensation table in order to ensure the linearity of the folds.
Electronically controlled lowering for greater precision.
Improved productivity

Machining section

CNC milling machine available for specific jobs
Cylindrical lathe for prototyping
Metal spinning lathe for cylindrical parts
TIG, MIG, Stainless, Steel, AL, CU Technologies

Welding section

Welding is one of COFINOX’s strengths, with a large resource capacity, extensive experience and formal training to support us.
We are certified for various thicknesses and materials and are accredited to ISO 15085, suitable for welding in the railway market up to CL2.
We are qualified for the realization of pressure equipment.
We perform welding on stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steeland aluminum.
We have over 20 welding stations including: a robot for TIG welding, a robot for MIG/MAG welding and a semi-automatic line for linear and circular welding up to ø600 and 1250mm in length.
All types of finishes

Finishing section

Cofinox can offer you the finish you need.
We have a dedicated section for metal polishing, which can give a shiny or satin (scotch) finish, according to your design.
We have suppliers who possess years of experience in the following processes: painting, sandblasting, chemical finishing (galvanizing, electro-polishing, and anodizing), zinc plating, electro-polishing, and anodizing, based on material and specification. According to material and specification.
Immediate access to raw materials


We store more than 100 tones of sheet metal, which we process in a month.
We handle 80 pallets of material every day
We have a 750 m2 warehouse for semi-finished products and 150 levels for sheet metal.
Intelligent warehouse with 40 2500×800 trays
Bar code reading
Computerized warehouse management in real time

We are present in all industrial sectors

Multiple products developed and manufactured by Cofinox are used across diverse international industrial sectors, Automobile, sanitary, HORECA, medical and pharmaceutical laboratories, electrical cabinets, meat industry, electronics, industrial weighing, beauty and cosmetics.

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