High technology applied to metal

State-of-the-art technology and a highly skilled team assure QUALITY.

In response to changing market demands, Cofinox S.L. has invested in advanced, adaptable, and flexible technology for multi-product manufacturing. Our quality is guaranteed by TÜV certificates in the production process and OCA in welding processes.

Our success

Integral production process

From the design and development of the piece to the final finishing and/or even the assembly.

R&D Department

Having our own engineering department, we are capable of executing complex integral projects or carrying out your projects if you possess the required documentation.

Cutting section

Our cutting department has the CAT-EYE system, a synergic system of cutting and machining of sheet metal that joins the punching machine with the laser to optimize the process.

Folding section

Adapting to the needs of our customers, we have several press brakes that have a seventh axis or quality axis that guarantees parallelism in all bends.

Welding section

The quality in welding is a differential of Cofinox, the ability and experience of our operators ensure the best finish even with the thinnest sheets.

Machining section

Repulping is a very specific job and not known to everyone. Cylindrical parts are bent with the repulsing lathe, and lids, plates, etc. are made from discs.

Finishing section

In Cofinox we deliver the pieces according to your needs, if you prefer we can deliver the pieces in raw or dispioner of these Standard finishes.

The key values that every company should have.

It is essential for every company to be clear about the values it wants to promote and how these are integrated into its daily operations. That is why at Cofinox we are committed to ethics, transparency, social responsibility, commitment to quality, innovation and respect for applicable laws and regulations.

Our stock at your service

separate levels so as not to contaminate the different materials
different types
of stock

We are present in all industrial sectors

Multiple products developed and manufactured in Cofinox are present in most of the international industrial sectors. Automotive, bathroom, hospitality, medical and pharmaceutical laboratories, air conditioning, electrical cabinets, meat industries, electronics, industrial weighing, beauty, cosmetics and industries in general.

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