Committed to Welding Excellence and Certified Quality

In a year marked by significant achievements, COFINOX is proud to announce three key milestones that reinforce its commitment to excellence and quality in its services. These achievements not only highlight the company’s continued dedication to improvement and training, but also underscore its position as a leader in the specialized welding field.

In June, one of COFINOX’s outstanding employees obtained a dual certification as a welding specialist, awarded at both European and international level. European level and international level. This distinction not only highlights the employee’s personal dedication but also COFINOX’s investment in the professional development of its team. The acquisition of this dual recognition demonstrates the high level of skills and technical knowledge possessed by the company’s personnel, consolidating its position as an international welding expert.

In October, COFINOX successfully renewed its ISO 9001:2015 certificate. ISO 9001:2015a globally recognized standard that evaluates an organization’s quality management. This renewal underscores COFINOX’s ongoing commitment to quality in all aspects of its operations, ensuring customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and efficiency in its processes.

The month of November brought another outstanding achievement: obtaining the ISO EN15085 ISO EN15085. This certification specifies the quality requirements for the welding of railway vehicles and related components, demonstrating COFINOX’s ability to meet the most demanding standards in a highly specialized sector.

These achievements are not only testimony to COFINOX’s commitment to excellence and quality in welding, but also reflect its continuous quest for improvement and growth in a highly competitive market. The company is proud of these milestones and is committed to maintaining the highest standards in all its services, providing its customers with the quality assurance they deserve.

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